2023 saw some great improvements to Epic Ride Weather. Here are the highlights:

Now in 12 Languages!

By far the biggest addition for 2023, personalized ride forecasts are available to more people than ever. Many thanks to everyone who helped with translations. Now available in English, French, Spanish, German, Slovak, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Danish and Swedish.

Garmin Activities

Anyone with a Garmin device can easily access previous rides directly from Epic Ride Weather.

Search by Distance

Finding your route just got a whole lot easier with search by distance. See it in action!

Historical Weather

See what the weather was like for your past rides.


Send your Plotaroute routes directly to Epic Ride Weather and get personalized weather forecasts along your route.

Rename Favorites and Files

It does what it says: rename favorite routes and files by swiping left.

Goodbye, DarkSky!

2023 was the official cut-over from DarkSky to  Weather. Though you may not have noticed (my goal!) this was a massive effort to bring you even better personalized forecasts and secure the future of the app.

Many ideas for features and improvements come from your feedback. Keep those great ideas coming! Email David Green at david@epicrideweather.com

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