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Hugh Grainger:

Just back today from a week in Corsica with 6 days of what might be called epic riding. Used the app every day and mentioned it to the Marmot Tours guide who told everyone else on the holiday - you might owe me some commission if they all sign up. Anyway, the forecasts were pretty accurate which is impressive given the vast variety of terrains and climates that exist within Corsica.

David Molinaro:

I was amazed at how accurate and complete Epic Ride Weather was during our bike ride in Spain. I became the weather man for our bike riding friends.

Bart Copeland:

Greetings from France. Used Epic Ride yesterday for a dicey day of potential rain and thunder/lightning - worked like a charm. Loved it. I especially liked the wind vectors!!! Kudos to a sweet app. Regards, Bart

Grischa Niermann, Sports Director, Team LottoNL-Jumbo:

With Epic Ride Weather we get perfect information about the weather along the race routes. It provides very accurate forecasts for temperature, wind and precipitation for every point of the route with just a single click. Detailed forecasts from Epic Ride Weather have become essential in planning our race tactics and strategy, especially in cases where wind direction and intensity are likely to influence the outcome.

Being able to forecast temperatures over the whole raceroute helps us to make specific plans for hydration and nutrition, while wind speed and direction forecasts play a big role in coaching the riders concerning their positioning in the peloton.

Stacey Sullivan:

Was able to check Epic Ride Weather on cell data right before my race this morning, at the venue. Really helpful because in the three hours from the time I left my house and when I checked before the race, the wind forecast changed enough to affect race strategy.

And: I won the State Championship Time Trial!

Melissa Scrivin:

I’ll say it again - yours is the ONLY app I’ve ever paid for. It’s THAT good. You are my hero, it’s about the only app I’d ever design for cycling, but you already did it (and I can’t program anyway 😂😂😂)

Keep it up! #1 Fan

Reviews from the app store:

Nicholas Townsend:

Absolutely Fantastic Great app and the developer is extremely helpful and responsive!



Nothing available with this accuracy or attention to detail. Great app for planning my winter rides.

Rob Berwick:

Fantastic app. I love it. This app is awesome. No more flicking between locations on other weather apps to get an idea of what the conditions will be. With this, I connect it to my Strava account, choose a ride or route and set what time and date I’ll be doing it, and there’s all the information I need in one place. Amazingly useful.

Chris Spelman:

This app saves me time when checking the weather for my club spin every week. It certainly beats looking at various weather sites and calculating weather condition by the hour in your head. The developer is also extremely fast at replying to any emails if you happen to have any issues.

Ryan Golbeck:

Great app for discovering the weather on different parts of your ride. This is particular useful in areas like the pacific north west where rain is common, but not always raining in areas nearby where you may be riding. The forecasts have always been accurate and helped me decide whether I should be bringing more clothing or not. The wind direction indicators on the maps are also really useful for planning a ride: how much head wind you want (or probably not).


Great idea and a must have for anyone who rides

A well designed and easy to use app with a well designed help section to walk you thru on how to use and understand its features. A must have for anyone who rides and wants to make sure they are prepared and dressed for the weather out there.

Parker Smith:

Everything you wish Strava had. Wind direction is especially helpful.

Till Ballendat:

Great idea! Does what it says! Easy to use and nice visualization -> well done guys

Ryan Smith:

Awesome app for strava Amazing!

Terry Bridges:

One awesome and accurate app

I have used this app to schedule and plan my rides for several weeks now and can say it’s accuracy is stellar. The wind prediction has been dead on for every ride I have made. Temps, precipitation and overall weather conditions have been predicted with surprising accuracy. Thanks for such great riding tool.


Don’t leave home without looking first

When you look at the weather on TV, a weather app, whatever, you see the weather for THAT city. That’s fine, but what if you are biking across multiple cities and multiple terrains? Than you have to look up the weather for each of them. And wind can often change direction during a ride. Epic Ride Weather solves all of these problems by updating the weather based on the time across a ride and across the distance covered. I’ve actually been able to figure out my start time based on having a tail wind going and a tail wind coming home. This is a no-brainer if you ride a lot or a little.

Kurt the Dirt:

Always getting better

This app is fantastic! The platform is great and it communicates very well with other apps like Strava and Ride With GPS. The developers listen to consumer feedback, updating the app regularly to stay on top of ever changing tech.

It is very intuitive and with 10-minute interval forecasts, one can very accurately measure how long they’ll take on a particular ride.

Download this app and go chase that tailwind!


I don’t ride without checking here first

I love this app! I never leave the house without checking in here first. I especially love it for making sure I get a nice tailwind on the second half of my rides ;)


Go-to resource for difficult days on the bike

Surprisingly accurate; especially useful determining wind direction over longer routes. I use this for gravel racing in particular where changes in wind direction and temperature at higher altitudes can determine where efforts are spent and clothing choices. Haven’t been let down yet!



Rainfall prediction has been great - if relying on other weather apps I wouldn’t have got out, but thanks to epic weather I have been able to cycle more and avoid the rain


Brilliant cycle/ weather app that’s used regularly prior to any outings. Seamless connection with a host of other tracker type apps. Easy to use and reliable information. Keep up the good work.

Mark Owen:

Really love this app! Tells me exactly what weather to expect along the route I’ll be cycling!

Stephan K.:

As a cyclist and triathlete, this app is really helpful. Allowing me to plan my rides and also know what close to wear ! Thanks David for the great work and for the nice support

Khang Bui:

Integration works well with Strava and a simple interface let’s me see what weather will be like on my commutes in. Awesome.

More reviews can be found on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store.