In April of 2020 Dark Sky announced that the Dark Sky service would end December 31 2021 as a result of an acquisition by Apple. Dark Sky has since announced that they are extending the availability of Dark Sky until at least the end of 2022. This is great news for Epic Ride Weather, since Dark Sky provides the excellent forecasts that you have come to love and depend on.

We hope that Apple will decide to extend the availability of Dark Sky indefinitely. The reason that thousands users unlock their phone and open Epic Ride Weather every day is in large part because of the quality and reliability of the weather forecasts provided by Dark Sky. I regularly hear from my users that Epic Ride Weather is the top app on their device because it enables them to be more successful and have more fun in pursuit of their favorite pastime, riding a bike. The data shows that Epic Ride Weather users are opening the app 5-30 times a day, a clear deomonstration of the value that Dark Sky provides. Thank you Dark Sky!

Here’s to another year of amazing weather, good times and amazing rides.

Thanks for your support,