Feedback from users drives some of the best improvements to Epic Ride Weather, and this round is no exception. The latest improvement is cloud cover.

Lots of ideas came in about how this data could be shown. We experimented with a few, and quickly realized that use of the familiar weather icons such as 🌤🌦🌧 is impractical in most cases since Epic Ride Weather combines as many as 144 distinct forecasts for a single ride. In the end, we settled on including cloud cover in the precipitation chart since it is really good at providing visualizations for hundreds of values:

Epic Ride Weather showing cloud cover

Cloud cover is shown as a percentage of the sky obscured by cloud. For example, an overcast day would be shown as 100%, and a clear day as 0%. This forecast starts with mostly-cloudy conditions, improving to mostly sunny throughout the ride.

In addition to cloud cover, this latest release includes improved text when sharing, as well as date/time selection on Android now supporting 24 hour time format.