I’m excited to announce that Epic Ride Weather is now compatible with Garmin. Users can access detailed weather forecasts for a planned route or ride by importing Garmin TCX files into Epic Ride Weather. Previously Garmin users would access their Garmin routes and activities by synchronizing them with a service such as Strava.


Garmin users can export rides and routes from Garmin Connect as a TCX file.

While TCX files are useful for bringing in prior rides, users can also take advantage of Garmin’s “Virtual Partner” function in planning routes. Users can create a route and have the pace and timing determined by the virtual partner, taking into account climbs and descents to vary the pace.

TCX support in Epic Ride Weather comes to you courtesy of suggestions and excellent feedback from Paul of Belgium. Thank you Paul!

Epic Ride Weather takes into account your expected location based on your route and speed, combining multiple forecasts to give you a projection of weather over time and space. Epic Ride Weather is available now for iPhone, iOS and Android.