The Race Across America (RAAM) is an epic test of endurance, determination, and strategy, challenging cyclists to race a jaw-dropping distance of 4696km (2935mi) crossing North America. Leah Goldstein won the overall in 2021 and returned in 2023 where she secured second place in the women’s category and fourth overall. Leah’s remarkable journey in the 2023 RAAM was a testament to her unwavering “no limits” spirit and the invaluable support of her crew, managed by Crew Chief Katrina LeNoury. This year Leah was able to finish in 10 days 8 hours and 54 minutes, more than 18 hours faster than her overall winning time in 2021. But it was more than just grit that contributed to her success; Epic Ride Weather played a pivotal role in navigating the unpredictable weather elements that define RAAM.

RAAM is notorious for throwing weather challenges that can make or break a cyclist’s performance. The 2023 edition was no exception. A storm of huge proportions was brewing in Kansas, and Leah Goldstein and her crew were directly in its path. Crew Chief Katrina relates the incredible story:

“…we were advised by RAAM HQ that there was a storm brewing in Kansas. The night crew were checking-in to a hotel in Springfield, Co and we were advised by the hotel clerk that the worst storm in the last 50 years had blown through the night before and there was another one coming. So, we called the day crew (who were with Leah) and let them know. From that point forward, they were frequently updating and checking the Epic Ride Weather app to get the latest weather for where they were specifically.”

– Katrina LeNoury, Crew Chief

“In the hotel, we could see, hear and feel the winds picking up as the storm passed us and moved towards Leah. We were slated for a crew change at 7pm so we left the hotel to catch Leah and do the crew change - we were essentially chasing the storm!! As we drove into it (in the van) it was quite terrifying and we hoped that Leah and the other crew were safe!!”

“We could tell from the app and information from the other crew that the centre of the storm was really close to them. We passed several other riders who had elected to continue riding and they were soaked, cold and being blown all over the road. When we met the other crew they told us that they had tracked the storm and made the decision to have Leah ride as long as she could before it became dangerous. They contacted our RV crew and had them come and remain nearby. By using the Epic Ride Weather app, they knew when the worst of the storm was about to hit. It was at this point that they pulled Leah off the bike and into the RV for a one hour rest break. We arrived shortly after they had put Leah in the RV - just as the worst of the storm hit!!”

Katrina elaborates on how Epic Ride Weather made a difference for Leah:

“…thank you so much for all your assistance this year. We used your app extensively throughout the race and it allowed us to keep Leah warm, dry, rested and hydrated. I believe this contributed to Leah being able to shave 10 hours off her previous best race time!!”

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