I’m excited to announce that Epic Ride Weather now supports Trailforks. This brings the ride-specific detail and forecast accuracy of Epic Ride Weather to the world of mountain biking. Users can access detailed weather forecasts for events, routes, ride plans and ride logs by connecting directly to Trailforks from within Epic Ride Weather.


Trailforks has long offered world-leading mountain bike trail guidance, but as of October 2016 introduced one of the best route planners available for trail riding. Their planner is incredibly fast and convenient due to its ability to leverage a vast library of trails. Mountain bikers planning a route only need a few clicks to assemble a route.

Wishlist routes, favorite routes, events, routes planned using Trailforks and rides recorded using their recently-added ride logs are all now available directly in Epic Ride Weather for forecasting your next ride.

Support for Trailforks was made possible through a joint development effort between Epic Ride Weather and Trailforks. With the other half of my favourite sport now fully supported, I’m thrilled with the result of our ongoing partnership.

Epic Ride Weather takes into account your expected location based on your route and speed, combining multiple forecasts to give you a projection of weather over time and space. Epic Ride Weather is available now for iPhone, iOS and Android.