I thought that I knew what a long ride is. Until this year, anything around 100km (60mi) I would consider pretty long, and anything near 160km (100mi) or longer was, in my books, “a really long ride”.

It turns out that there is a special group of cyclists that really do know what a long ride is. This special breed of cyclists bang off 200km at the low end, with events called “brevets” covering as much as 1200km.

For these riders and for anyone stopping for lunch or coffee mid-ride, the latest release of Epic Ride Weather enables you to select a portion of a route:

The orange slider on the bottom can be used to trim the start or end of a route to produce the segment that you’re interested in.

So for those of us who decide to stop for coffee on a club ride, or for that select few who brave the Trans Am, Trans Continental or Tour Divide, enjoy great forecasts for any part of your route!