Epic Ride Weather is a CyclingTips January Product Pick! Matt Wikstrom of CyclingTips goes deep on his review of Epic Ride Weather, where he provides a knowledgeable and balanced perspective on the app.

On when to use the app, Matt writes:

consulting Epic Ride Weather the night before the ride will provide some indication of the weather to expect, but going back to the app 15 minutes before throwing a leg over the bike will provide a much clearer forecast.

Matt correctly points out that Epic Ride Weather is designed to give personalized forecasts for those that like to record their rides with a service such as Strava, MapMyRide, or Ride With GPS - and is not very helpful otherwise. For cyclists that do record routes, he writes:

riders that use a set route for regular bunch ride or need an up-to-the-minute forecast for a race/event are likely to find Epic Ride Weather invaluable. Similarly, I can see it being very handy for cyclists visiting an unfamiliar region or country provided they have the time to find or create a route for their ride.

You can read the full review at CyclingTips.