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Nicholas Townsend:

Absolutely Fantastic Great app and the developer is extremely helpful and responsive!


Nothing available with this accuracy or attention to detail. Great app for planning my winter rides.

Rob Berwick:

Fantastic app. I love it. This app is awesome. No more flicking between locations on other weather apps to get an idea of what the conditions will be. With this, I connect it to my Strava account, choose a ride or route and set what time and date I’ll be doing it, and there’s all the information I need in one place. Amazingly useful.

Chris Spelman:

This app saves me time when checking the weather for my club spin every week. It certainly beats looking at various weather sites and calculating weather condition by the hour in your head. The developer is also extremely fast at replying to any emails if you happen to have any issues.

Ryan Golbeck:

Great app for discovering the weather on different parts of your ride. This is particular useful in areas like the pacific north west where rain is common, but not always raining in areas nearby where you may be riding. The forecasts have always been accurate and helped me decide whether I should be bringing more clothing or not. The wind direction indicators on the maps are also really useful for planning a ride: how much head wind you want (or probably not).


A well designed and easy to use app with a well designed help section to walk you thru on how to use and understand its features. A must have for anyone who rides and wants to make sure they are prepared and dressed for the weather out there.

Parker Smith:

Everything you wish Strava had. Wind direction is especially helpful.

Till Ballendat:

Great idea! Does what it says! Easy to use and nice visualization -> well done guys

Ryan Smith:

Awesome app for strava Amazing!

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