Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers:

How Do I Change Units (Kilometers, Celcius, Farenheight, Miles)

Units can be changed from the app settings, which are available from the menu button at the top left of the main screen:

Where’s The Manual?

Help is available in the app from the menu button at the top left of the main screen (see above.)

How Do I Delete Or Add To Favorites?

Adding or removing from favorites is done from the route listing, but works differently on iOS and Android:

On iPhone and other iOS devices, swiping to the left on any route will cause buttons to show up for deleting or adding to favorites.

On Android devices, swiping left in favorites will delete a route, and swiping right on a route in another route listing (e.g. under Strava) will add the corresponding route to favorites.

My Routes Aren’t Showing Up, Help!

When we’ve seen this it’s been when routes are a on device (e.g. in the Runkeeper or Strava app) and haven’t been synchronized to the Runkeeper or Strava servers. Routes that are visible on the website should always show up in Epic Ride Weather, as long as they have an associated route. Activities without a route (such as an indoor trainer ride) won’t show up in Epic Ride Weather.

What Is The Best Time To Get A Forecast?

We recommend a forecast a day or two before your to know what to expect, but again within 30 minutes of starting your ride. You can find out more from our blog post Tips for the Most Accurate Forecasts.

I Got A New Phone - How Can I Get My Epic Ride Weather Account Set Up On The New Phone?

Lucky you! Depending on how you setup your phones, you may find that Epic Ride Weather is already connected to your paid account on the new phone. You can check from the Account page within Epic Ride Weather - both phones should have the same account ID. If not, contact David Green at with the order ID from your receipt, or with the account IDs from both phones and we can connect your new phone to the original account.

I’d Like To Help Spread The Word, But How?

A great way to help spread the word is by writing a review in the app store. We really appreciate your opinion, and others do too! Feel free to post a review:

I also appreciate tweets, Facebook mentions, or any other way that you want to get the word out.

I Have An Idea For Making It Better

Great! It’s ideas from people like you that help to improve Epic Ride Weather. While we can’t make them all happen, we’ll do our best to include your idea if it fits our vision for the app. Send your ideas to David Green at

How Do I Get Support?

A link to support is available from within the app at the bottom of the help page. Alternatively, email David Green at