New Forecasting Model, Wind Gust Speed

Dark Sky has announced some major changes which should come as good news for cyclists. As a result of over a year of research and development, they’ve developed a new forecasting model which they claim is much better than the previous model that they were using.

Improvements include:

  • Their worst-case global resolution has been reduced to about 20km from 40km.
  • Forecasts now take into account micro-climates, making temperature forecasts accurate to within < 1km (< 0.7 mi).
  • They’ve switched to more a accurate High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) atmostpheric model.
  • A completely new, more accurate approach to predicting precipitation probability.

Additionally, Dark Sky has started providing wind gust speed, which is now available in the latest release of Epic Ride Weather:

All of this results in much more accurate forecasts for Epic Ride Weather users. The feedback that I’ve had so far is that wind predictions and temperature forecasts are bang-on. I’d love to hear how these changes work out for you in your part of the world! Send your feedback to David Green at

Epic Ride Weather takes into account your expected location based on your route and speed, combining multiple forecasts to give you a projection of weather over time and space. Epic Ride Weather is available now for iPhone, iOS and Android.

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